The Alaska Modular Home – As Tough As They Come

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Does the idea of living in an Alaska modular home strike you as just this side of insane? Are you picturing gale force winds, nights which last for months, and sheets of ice weighing down your modular roof to its breaking point?

If so, you can relax. You may not have known that in the oil company British Petroleum, which built the Alaska pipeline during the 1970s, uses modular housing to house its construction employees on Alaska’s North Slope. The terrain and weather conditions on Alaska’s North Slope are among the harshest on Earth, with permafrost which never thaws. The average temperature on the North Slope is 9.7 degrees, and where the wind never stops blowing and fifty-mile an hour gusts, producing wind chills of fifty below, are monthly occurrences.

If an Alaska modular home can handle the North Coast, they can handle almost any other part of Alaska as long as it does not thaw in the spring and float out to sea. An Alaska modular home, in fact, may be the only option for parts of the state to remote to be accessible for construction crew and the delivery of traditional home building materials.

It’s Not A Mobile Home

Many people have lumped modular homes into the same category as mobile homes, and they could not be more different. Your Alaska modular home will be constructed on a permanent foundation and cannot be moved.

When completed their appearance is identical to that of traditionally constructed homes, but the number of people for their construction is much smaller, and they can be completed in much less time than traditional homes. Its simplified construction means that an Alaska modular home will cost considerably less than an equivalent traditional home.

Energy Efficiency

One of your major concerns, if you are considering an Alaska modular home, will be its energy efficiency. Because modular homes are built in blocks which are designed to fit together precisely, they are almost completely draft proof. But an Alaska modular home can be ordered with additional insulation, and even manufactured to meet Energy Star standards. In addition, your Alaska modular homes will be constructed to meet the building codes in the municipalities where it is built.

One factor you’ll have to work into your Alaska modular home plans is the delivery cost you’ll have to pay. Depending on which part of Alaska you want to call home, your Alaska modular home may have to come a long way, and the shipping charges can add a significant percentage to its cost.

Alaska has the scenery, the clear clean air, and the peace and quiet that can make you wonder why you ever wanted to live anywhere else. And your Alaska modular home, against a setting like that, can guarantee that you won’t!


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